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Opus X Sammy Sosa Bat

Opus X private release


©2004-2012 by Andrew Welch, all rights reserved

Opus X Sammy Sosa Bat

Cigar name: Opus X Sammy Sosa Bat
aka: "Sosa Bat"
Vitola: 7" x 50
Wrapper: Opus X rosado
Binder: Opus X rosado
Filler: Opus X blend
Released: "unreleased", c. 2000
Quantity: ~100
Rarity: 8/10

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    Notes: Created to honor the baseball player Sammy Sosa, these cigars were auctioned off for charity. This one has a clear cello with the Opus band at the grips of the bat.

    There is a hole cut in the top (fat part) of the bat, which is where you're meant to light the cigar.You cut off the handle, and smoke it from there.Always light from the exposed tobacco end of any cigar; in this case, it smokes like any piramide cigar would.
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